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Penn State Harrisburg

Penn State Harrisburg, also known as The Capital College, is an undergraduate and graduate school of Pennsylvania State University. It is one of the largest and most widely recognized institutions in the nation.

Located nine miles south of Harrisburg is its main campus, which enrolls over 4,000 students and offers two associate, 24 master's, 34 baccalaureate, and three doctoral degrees as well as certificate and certification programs.

Penn State Harrisburg, as a Commonwealth campus of the Pennsylvania State University, offers the first two years of study leading to more than 160 baccalaureate majors offered throughout the Penn State system, including 33 of its own programs. At the transfer level, the college serves students from all Commonwealth campuses of the Pennsylvania State University, as well as students from community colleges and other accredited colleges and universities.

The college has an extensive selection of graduate programs. Applications are welcomed from students who have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or from international students. The graduate programs are designed for the part-time student who can participate in evening classes.

As a community of learners in a friendly and understanding atmosphere on the attractive Penn State Harrisburg campus, students of all ages and cultures, on-campus residents and commuters, join together. When it comes to relaxing and spending time with friends, there are plenty of options. There is a great choice in clubs and organizations, lectures, concert presentations, intercollegiate and intramural sports, and trips to nearby areas such as Hershey, Gettysburg, Lancaster, and the capital city of Harrisburg.

The campus is built on the site of the decommissioned Olmsted Air Force Base, and the building is the main facility and contains the majority of the campus's classrooms and computer labs. The campus has a food court, called Stacks Market, located on the main level of the Olmsted Building. Within one mile of the campus is Harrisburg International Airport, and public transportation serves the college, while rail service affords convenient access from locations throughout the nation.

Penn State Harrisburg has a goal to be the premier higher education institution and a steward of the university in the Capital Region, and to be recognized for educational excellence, a comprehensive portfolio of programs, a commitment to diversity, and strategic alliances. As the regional leader in the integration of teaching, service, and research, the mission of Penn State Harrisburg is to:

- Provide student access to higher education from freshman, transfer, and graduate students;
- Demonstrate excellence through national accreditation, academic program review and student assessment;
- Anticipate challenges and follow opportunities to maximize strengths, meet emerging educational needs, and take on new ventures;
- Provide a complete portfolio of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs to meet the educational needs of diverse learners;
- Partner with other Penn State campuses to expand access to the University.

Penn State Harrisburg pursues this mission using innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving that transcend academic specializations and organizational barriers.

The Undergraduate Academic Programs of Penn State Harrisburg offer Associate Degrees, Certificate Programs, Baccalaureate Degrees, and Minors.

The Graduate Academic Programs offer Master's Degrees, Joint Graduate Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, Certifications and Endorsements for Educators.

The college has five academic schools:
1. Behavioral Sciences and Education
2. Humanities
3. Public Affairs
4. Business Administration
5. Science, Engineering, and Technology

Penn State Harrisburg offers two honors programs for students who are highly motivated to achieve academic excellence. These two programs are the University's Schreyer Honors College and the Capital College Honors Program. The Honors Program's mission is to provide an enriched experience for students who seek high academic achievement and bring a strong commitment to learning.

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